Top 10 Countries You Should Never Visit

Top 10 Countries You Should Never Visit

Our planet is packed with countries that offer its visitors with picture-perfect moments. Some people even strive to visit every country in the world. Unfortunately, there are some countries that you just cannot and should not visit. Political unrest, wars, and archaic rules have made it difficult to visit these countries. Here’s a list of the top 10 countries you should never visit.

10 Countries To Avoid While Travelling

1. Syria

Possibly the most dangerous place on Earth right now is Syria. Almost completely under the control of the ISIS caliphate, Syria is a terrifying war zone that you best avoid. Once a land full of beauty and historical significance now a terror state with no end in sight for the fighting. [1]

2. Yemen

A country that has been embroiled in political unrest that it just seems to be unable to get out of. It would do a lot of good to stay clean of Yemen till the situation clears out.

3. Saudi Arabia

Every traveler looking to visit Saudi Arabia needs to be sponsored by a local resident. This makes getting there pretty hard unless you have some family or friends. Getting a sponsor doesn’t even qualify you for a visa as it may still get rejected by the stringent process they follow. [3]

4. South Sudan

If the internal political rivalries, murders, and political unrest weren’t enough to stop you in your tracks, South Sudan is also one of the most famine affected state in Africa. The harsh weather, lack of proper drinking and sanitation facilities kill more people than are murdered each year. [1]

5. North Korea

With the recent friendship with South Korea blossoming North Korea may lift the travel embargo. However, its leader Kim Joung Un is extremely unpredictable and you may never know what you could do to offend their military police. Stay away from this place for a while. [3]

6. The Central African Republic

Many African nations including the Central African Republic are considered too dangerous to travel in. Especially for tourists. Apart from the gang wars you also have to keep an eye out for thieves rapists and murderers. [2]

7. Afghanistan

While the situation might look better as the years progress it will still be a while before Afghanistan can be considered safe to travel to. It still has a large number of foreign troops guarding its land and they’re slowly starting to turn things over to the locals. [1]

8. Somalia

While the thought of modern pirates may sound exciting, it truly isn’t. Somalian pirates are vicious and out for blood. If you still want to get on land, you’ll still need someone to sponsor your visa? Have many friends in Somalia? [3]

9. El Salvador

While this South American country may seem like a backpackers paradise it’s actually quite dangerous to visit. El Salvador has the highest murder rate in the world. While the global murder average is 6.2 people for every 100,000 El Salvador’s murder rate is 91 killings. Just something to think about. [1]

10. Libya

The African theme runs strong here in the 10 countries to avoid while traveling. Libya is just another shining example of what happens when people fail to get along and internal wars bust out. Avoid this place like the plague because chances are also if you don’t get shot or butchered, you’ll come back home with malaria.