The Oldest 10 Cities In The World

The Oldest 10 Cities In The World

The Earth has been in existence for several million years. Humans for a fraction of that time. Since man moved out of caves we’ve started to develop towns, villages, and cities. A formation of society can be seen even in the time of early man. Even in the modern era, there are signs of early societal life. Let’s take a look at the oldest 10 cities in the world.

The 10 Oldest Cities In The World Still In Existence

1. Jericho, Palestinian Territories

Even after being torn down and rebuilt several times Jericho is still in existence today. Archaeological evidence shows this city existing for more than 11,000 years ago. Jericho is popularly believed to be the oldest city in the world. With religious significance to both Christianity, Judaism and Islam Jericho is quite a contentious place to visit. So tread likely. [3]

2. Byblos, Lebanon

Founded by the Phoenicians Byblos was originally known as Gebal. Lovers of ancient history will admire the temples, castles, and necropolis that can be found here. It also offers stunning visuals apart from its ancient architecture. [2]

3. Aleppo, Syria

Although much of Syria is in political turmoil the city of Aleppo has possibly seen far worse. It has remained standing since 5000 BC. It is the second largest city in Syria with a population of more than 1.7 million people. Unfortunately, many of the architectural sites have been desecrated in the modern conflicts. [1]

4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

There are signs that show that Plovdiv has been inhabited since 4000 BC. This Bulgarian city in Eastern Europe is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Europe and also the world. It has had many conquerors in the past including the Greeks and the Romans. [3]

5. Faiyum, Egypt

The oldest city in Africa title probably goes to Faiyum in Egypt. It is barely a few hundred kilometers from the capital Cairo, Faiyum still carries the old world charm. Wander through the streets lined with shops, sweets, and mosques. [3]

6. Varanasi, India

One of the oldest cities in the world and the oldest city still in existence in India Varanasi is a cultural hotbed for Hindus. Situated on the banks of the river Ganga, Benaras, as it is also known, was said to be formed by Lord Shiva in 4000 BC. [1]

7. Athens, Greece

The capital and largest city in Greece is also the oldest city in Greece. Looking at the ancient architectural structures still standing you can almost imagine what ancient Greece would have looked like. A great place to visit for history buffs. [2]

8. Jerusalem

Most ancient cities also have a deep-rooted connection to modern religions and hence are usually a bone of contention. This cannot be truer than in the case of Jerusalem. Jews and Muslims claim as might right to it as the other. The oldest inhabitants probably settled here in 2800 BC. [2]

9. Damascus, Syria

Although the land was probably inhabited somewhere during 8000 to 10000 B.C. modern-day Damascus was probably founded in the 3 millennium BC. You can see signs of Roman, Greek and Islamic culture in the city planning and architecture. [1]

10. Tyre, Lebanon

Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hippodrome, and birthplace of Dido and Europa, Tyre is an ancient city that still stands. It was conquered by several rules including Alexander The Great in 332 BC. According to ancient historian Herodotus, it was formed in 2750 BC.