The 2018 List Of The World’s Best Airlines

The 2018 List Of The World's Best Airlines

If you’ve ever considered yourself a high flyer racking up those frequent flyer miles I’m pretty sure you’ve also made a list of the best flights you’ve ever been on. We’ve compiled our list too by doing painstaking research, long flights in first and business class. Oh, the horror. Let’s compare notes on the 10 best airlines in the world, shall we?

Top 10 List Of Best Airlines in 2018

We take into consideration several factors such as safety, routes considered, seating comfort, onboard amenities and much more while deciding the winners. Here’s our list.

1. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has completely blown the competition out of the water yet again. While it may not have a ‘first class’, we’ve taken quite a fancy to their business class seats. Traveling in style, on a budget with a world-class airline? Book Air New Zealand. [1]

2. Singapore Airlines

If you’re looking to splash the cash on the finest first class tickets, you have to fly Singapore Airlines. They’ve redone their interiors and the ‘rooms’ are as stocked as a premium hotel. You don’t need much more, but if you wanted it, just ask any of the numerous flight attendants at your beck and call. Truly first class service. [1]

3. Qantas Airlines

This Australian airline company has consistently been among the top performers. It has in the past also set the standards for what the onboard catering should be like. Airline food is usually nothing to brag about but somehow Qantas made it work. [1]

4. Virgin Australia

Joining Qantas is the Australian arm of the Virgin company, Virgin Australia. Its consistent performance in the skies has touched our hearts and it remains one of the top airlines of 2018. Virgin Australia has also worked hard on increasing its routes and outdo the competition operationally. [1]

5. Etihad Airways

Just a few years ago Etihad was the undisputed leader of comfort in the air. In recent years, however, airline companies like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and more have taken over. It won’t be long before Etihad bounces back though because it always does. They still provide one of the best long-distance flight services in the world so don’t count them out just yet. [2]

6. Japan Airlines

As is the case with most Japanese service industries the customer satisfaction scores were top notch. They were hardly any flights that were delayed or any on board issues. The flights are comfortable and the in-flight food is quite decent. [2]

7. Korean Air

The Korean Airs in-flight service is impeccable. The seats are comfortable. The flights are well serviced and the routes available don’t leave too much to be desired. Korean Airline has improved leaps and bounds since the last time we had our list of 10 best airline companies in the world. [2]

8. Cathay Pacific

Making a comeback after missing out for several years is Cathay Pacific. This airline company has invested heavily in refreshing its inventory of planes and it shows. The in-flight entertainment system is still one of the best and Cathay Pacific were the pioneers in the field. [1]

9. Virgin Atlantic

Like it’s Australian sibling the Virgin Atlantic also makes the cut. There is something about the uniformity of excellence in all of Richard Branson’s’ companies that you just have to appreciate. [1]

10. All Nippon Airways

The largest airline in Japan also makes the cut in the list of the best airline companies in the world. Like Japan Airlines, the customer service leaves no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying the customer. The seats are comfortable. The entire airline is a breeze to work with. [1]