10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World


The best beaches are ones you can see the best sunsets, that offer the best waves or the clearest waters. While no people can make a bold claim to say what exactly defines the best beach, but we’ve made an attempt anyway. Here’s our list of the top 10 beaches in the World.

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches In The World

1. Honokalani Beach, Hawaii

Located at the Wai’anapanapa State Park the Honokalani Beach provides you an experience like never before. To begin with, the sand is actually tiny volcanic pebbles. There are plenty of sea caves to explore along the cliffs and the waters are pleasant and crystal clear as well. A photographers dream. [1]

2. Blue Lagoon, Turkey

Imagine clear turquoise waters surrounded by will green hills. This beach is some distance from any major city and considered as a marine sanctuary. You won’t find a resort close by. The diving scene is wonderful with aquatic life found in abundance and plenty of caves to explore as well. [2]

3. Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Even if you spend the whole day running around on the warm sand, jumping around in the water and basically tiring yourself out like a madman you’ll feel none of that as the sun sets. As the name suggests, this is one of the best spots on Earth to actually see the sunset and every sunset is unique yet just as mesmerizing. [1]

4. Navagio, Greece

Also known as shipwreck beach and smugglers cove this tiny stretch of land is only accessible by boat. If you’re willing and able to get here early in the morning you could have an entire beach all to yourself. How often do you get to say that? The tiny bay is surrounded on all three sides by sheers cliffs that adds drama to the serene landscape. [2]

5. El Nido, Philippines

How these beautiful white sand beaches have remained under the radar for so long is a mystery. That is not to say that tourists do not swarm here in the thousands on a yearly basis. We just feel more people should know and appreciate this stunning natural wonder. [1]

6. Cala Deia, Spain

The beach isn’t as soft and smooth as most of them, but what you lack in comfort you make up for in stylish adventure. The clear waters and sunny skies make for abundantly fun days by the sea. If only it weren’t for the houses built on the cliff to ruin the natural scenery. [2]

7. Palm Beach, Aruba

While the island of Aruba has a spectacular coastline, it is tough to beat the magnificence of the Palm Beach. While it’s far away from the town center for you to enjoy the solitude of the beach while trying the many activities, it’s also close enough to town so you can head back in and try your hand at the casino. [1]

8. Hidden Beach, Mexico

There’s a rumor that this beach was formed due to the Mexican government testing bombs. Whatever the case may be the beach is one beauty. You’ve to pass through a tiny water tunnel to get here and while not a secret anymore, you can still occasionally enjoy some solitude here. [2]

9. Matira Beach, Tahiti

How often have you heard the only way to access the beautiful beaches in Bora Bora is by the 5-star resorts? Well, it isn’t true for Matira beach. To be honest this is the loveliest of all beaches in French Polynesia. You have the jungle foliage forming a backdrop as you gently make your way to the azure waters. Lovely. [1]

10. Ora Beach, Indonesia

Indonesia has truly been blessed with stunning beaches and sunsets. While there may be top contenders for the second place spot the best beach in Indonesia is actually taken. It’s Ora Beach on the Maluku stretch of Indonesia. The soft white sands, the thick tropical forests and the sea to the front. The sunsets at Ora Beach will ruin sunsets for you so be careful before you go. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya. [2]