7 Must Know Facts About Budget Airlines

7 Must Know Facts About Budget Airlines

(c) Tomás Del Coro

If your love for traveling is being curbed by your inability to save money you start looking at more affordable alternatives to travel. But are budget airlines all they’re made out to be or are they hiding secrets they don’t want you to know? Here are 7 must know facts about budget airlines before you book your next flight.

7 Must Know Facts About Budget Airlines

You get what you pay for or so the saying goes. Budget airlines are trying to break the mold of what’s possible on these flights to give you the best deal at the lowest prices.

1. Seats Are Basically the Same Size

To anyone that complains about the cramped spaces in budget airline seats, should know that the actual seat dimension in these planes is pretty much the same as regular flights. They’re just aligned closer to each other to be able to accommodate more people which may give you a cramped feeling. [2]

2. They’re Definitely Cheaper

In spite of the additional charges that some budget airline may levy on customers, they are definitely cheaper than the competition. The trick to flying budget airlines is to fly light. Budget airlines also offer a host of discounts for flyers so you need to scour the web for the right deal to make your flight even sweeter. [2]

3. You Won’t Always Get To Pick Your Seat

Budget airlines have constraints to seating arrangements. You won’t always get the window seat that you love and will have to suffer the middle seat every once and again. Surely that’s not that big a deal. On the bright side maybe you could finally get a break from your family who dragged you along for this trip.[2]

4. The Customer Service Could Surprise You

If you’ve ever flown first class you know the customer service is top notch. These people have been trained to do a specific job and do it well. The same can be said for budget airlines as well. At the end of the day, however, you’re dealing with another human being and if they’re having one of those off days you might not get the service you expect. Cut them some slack. We’ve almost never experienced bad customer service on any budget flight we’ve taken. Have you? Let us know about your experience in the comments below. [1]

5. Check The Airport

Some countries have separate airports for domestic and budget airlines. When you book a flight ticket always make sure to check the airport you’ll be departing from. It could be a quite a drive to the airport and back so be prepared to shell out some extra dough if you don’t have a friend to drop you off. [1]

6. Safety Isn’t A Concern

No matter how much you pay for your ticket all companies have to adhere to the same rules and regulations as stipulated by their government. Even budget airlines have to do the same checks and run through the procedures like every other company. So don’t ever think safety isn’t a concern for them, because it surely is. [1]

7. Avoid Buying Food On The Plane

If the whole point of going budget is to save a few bucks then you’d be better off eating at the airport. Budget airlines make their money through the extras like food and water they provide on the flight. These extras could cost you a pretty penny so if you really looking to save some dough, we suggest you buy food at the airport. You can carry the food on the plane no problem (in most cases). [1]

Budget airlines definitely do what they’re meant to. Get you from point A to point B as quickly and cheaply as possible. If you’re looking for a little something extra there are always hundreds of other options to choose from.