10 Best Places To Visit In North America

10 Best Places To Visit In North America


People usually like to travel out of the country to visit destinations while their own country has so many unexplored gems. If you are in North America let us help you find those diamonds in the rough. We’re looking at the top 10 places to visit in North America.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations In North America

It takes a special kind of person to appreciate the luxury of these places. Do you think you have what it takes?

1. Haida Gawii, Canada

If you want to escape the hustle bustle of the city then this place is paradise. The islands of Haida Gawii lie off the west coast of British Columbia. If you want to embrace nature, go kayaking, camping, trekking and even exploring the coast then this off-beat place in North America is for you. [2]

2. Tulum, Mexico

Have you ever seen different aspects of the wild trying to force their will on the land? The sandy sun-kissed beaches compete with the dense forests for your time. You can spend weeks here without the need for any form of electronic devices. Nature provides all the entertainment you can want. If you’re looking to detox from city life, get on a plane to Tulum today. [1]

3. Guanajuato, Mexico

Another Mexican gem to make it on the list is the state of Guanajuato in Mexico. The capital, Guanajuato city was granted the UNESCO world heritage status in 1987. The narrow streets and the relaxed ambiance make for a great escape. If you’re tired of lazing around in the city, the outskirts have enough of a varied terrain to excite the hiker or biker in you. [1]

4. Hilo, Hawaii , United States

Hawaii is undoubtedly a tropical paradise. If all the cities in Hawaii were the cake, Hilo would be the icing on top and the cherry too. The volcanic activity has given rise to some beautiful landscape. Hot water springs, mesmerizing waterfalls, underwater caves are a few hidden treasures just waiting for you to explore them.

5. Durango, Colorado, United States

Once you visit the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, in Colorado you won’t be able to look at your home the same way. This small city contains some of the best preserved ancient dwelling still on display. If touring archaeological sites is not your thing, how about taking a ride on one of the longest zip lines on the world? You can even get your heart pumping whitewater rafting on the Lower Animas River. [2]

6. Niagara Falls, Canada

The thumping of the water as it hits the edge gives you a real glimpse of the force of nature that is the Niagara Falls. A must see destination in North America, you can get soaked wet and chilled to the bone with a boat ride that takes you to the edge of the falls. When you dry off there are several interesting sights close by to while away your time as you get your nerves in check.

7. Whitehorse, Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to see the northern lights without getting too far away from home, Whitehorse, Canada could be your best bet. The town of Whitehorse which is located in Yukon is as wild as it is beautiful. Take a tour of the Kluane National Parks or just sit back enjoying the cold as the sun sets and Aurora Borealis show themselves.

8. Lafayette, United States

There are 17 cities or towns in the United States of America with the name Lafayette. None of which are like the other, but the one which makes the list of the top 10 travel destinations of North America is Lafayette, Louisiana. Partly a swamp town, let the marshes take you on a journey like never before. If a boat ride doesn’t do the trick for you maybe the spicy cajun food popular in the region will. [3]

9. Trinidad, Cuba

While most international travelers love the coast life of Cuba, we suggest you drive a little more and get to the tiny city of Trinidad. You’ll want to thank us for it later. If the music, the architecture and the people don’t reward you, the authentic Cuban delicacies served in Trinidad surely will. [1]

10. Arizona, United States

What would life be if you were in the North Americas and haven’t ventured into the Grand Canyon? While it may be the pull of the Grand Canyon that takes you to Arizona there are several other excellent natural wonders that will force you to stay. The Rainbow Bridge National Monument, The Horseshoe Bend to name a few.