10 Best Places To Visit In August

10 Best Places To Visit In August


It’s late summer. The hot season is past its peak and most places are heading into a monsoon. It a perfect time for that cool, peaceful and relaxing vacation you’ve been waiting for. Here are our contenders for the 10 best places to visit in August.

10 Best Tourist Destinations In August

1. The Black Rock Desert. Nevada

Everything becomes larger than life in Las Vegas. The parties and the fun. The annual edition of the burning man also takes places in the black rock desert in August. It started off as a small collection of art and culture enthusiasts and is now one of the most recognized party destinations on the planet. [2]

2. Cook Islands

Head to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands in August to witness an amazing amalgamation of culture, fun, and festivities. The natives celebrate their Independence day in some style. 8 teams compete in various sporting events to claim the honor of being top dog. Sitting by the beach doing nothing will also be just fine. [3]

3. Hawaii

From an Independence Day to a birthday. Celebrate 21st August as the birth of this nation and explore the nations many parks, dormant volcanoes and more. [4]

4. Edinburgh

If you would love to spend your day amidst culture, arts and street performers vying for your attention then perhaps Edinburgh could be your pick for you as the best place to visit in August. Don’t miss out on the excitement of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. [1]

5. Comporta, Portugal

Lisbon has always been a popular destination for tourists. However, if you’re tired of the run-of-the-mill locales give Comporta a shot. Just an hours drive from Lisbon this sleepy beach town is perfect in August because of the weather. Let us know what you think. [1]

6. Aruba

The mystical island of Aruba is a photographer Mecca. You can click any angle anytime without getting a bad shot. Enjoy surfing, both the wind and kite variety. There’s always plenty of fish in this seaside town, seafood lovers will find this place a paradise. [3]

7. Orlando

If you plan to take your kids out for a vacation then we cannot stress the importance of visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando. You could spend your entire vacation in the park and not get bored or tired. Try to check out the local delicacies as well while you’re at it. [4]

8. Slovenia

Perhaps the Eastern European country of Slovenia will do justice to your vacation. The capital city of Ljubljana is full of mystical castles and park and palazzo’s turned into pretty hotels. When you’re done sightseeing during the day sit back in some side street bistros and enjoy the scrumptious Eastern European flavors. [2]

9. France

While the Riviera might be bustling with the onslaught of tourists the Alpine lake region is pretty uncrowded. Head up to the mountains and sip wine by one of the many beautiful lakes in the region. A must visit place in August, the French Lakes provide a perfect backdrop for your romantic getaway. [1]

10. Westman Islands, Iceland

While winters can be harsh and unforgiving with little to no sunlight for months the summers in Iceland paint a completely opposite picture. Warmish sunny days and the spectacular settings of the Highlands and Westfjords make for a great escape in August. A perfect vacation spot for backpackers, don’t miss this amazing tourist destination in August.